Revealed: Security breaches at Shropshire's military bases

Lost ID cards accounted for the majority of security breaches at armed force bases in Shropshire last year, new figures have revealed.

Security at the region's bases was breached on nearly 100 occasions, according to the Ministry of Defence.

The figures released to the Shropshire Star following a Freedom of Information (FOI) request show the most breaches came at RAF Cosford, with 81 breaches classed as 'loss' in 2017.

The MoD said the reason the statistics for loss increased in 2016/17 is due to a change in policy of how ID cards are reported and captured.

The figures also show there were six breaches of security at RAF Shawbury last year – five classed as loss and one of theft.

MoD Donnington

There were also three loss incidents at MoD Donnington and one relating to a breach/contravention of security policy.

The MoD confirmed no 'Information Assurance Security breaches' were found for Clive Barracks or Nesscliffe Army Camp last year.

It said it treats all breaches of security very seriously and requires all breaches to be reported.


All incidents are subjected to an initial security risk assessment with further action taken on a proportionate basis, it added.

In 2016, there were 36 loss incidents, one of disclosure, two of theft and one of unauthorised access at RAF Cosford.

RAF Shawbury

There were also six of loss and one of theft at RAF Shawbury, and two of disclosure, one of loss and one of breach/contravention of security policy at MoD Donnington in 2016.


Disclose means an incident where classified material potentially may have been disclosed in error and potentially seen by unauthorised persons.

Breach/contravention of security policy means an incident where potentially there may have been a breach of security policy as contained in MoD security policy publications.

Cyber attacks

The MoD didn’t provide specific details on each breach as part of its response to the FOI request.

The figures also don't include cyber attacks as the MoD said it would not be in the interest of national security for departments to provide information about the specific number or type of cyber attacks being detected.

Patrick Laredo, an MOD spokesman said: "We take the security of our sites very seriously and require all breaches to be reported. All incidents are investigated and further action is taken if necessary.”

The relevant law relating to breaches depends on the individual circumstances.

Nationally, fears have previously been raised Britain’s military bases and assets are being left at "unacceptable risk of attack” because of budget cuts.

Date: 17 February 2018 | Source: Shropshire Star

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