WATCH: Big surprise as fingertip-sized chameleons born in Telford

He looks frightening – but fear not, this little creature is so tiny he can sit on the end of your finger.

Four colourful chameleons have hatched at Telford’s Exotic Zoo.

The eggs hatched about a week ago and it is the first time chameleons have been born at the popular attraction in Priorslee.

Their parents, Blue and Pascal, have been at the zoo for about a year.

WATCH: Meet the baby chameleons

Meet the finger-sized cute chameleon babies born in Telford

New mum Blue laid about 40 eggs over 10 months ago.

Scott Adams, from the zoo, said staff found the four new arrivals during their daily check of the incubator.

He said: "It was a big surprise. We were thinking they were not going to hatch.


"They are the size of my fingertip.

Four of the chameleons were born, to the surprise of zoo staff

"It’s the first time we’ve had baby chameleons born at the zoo. They are in their own tank in a room that people can see into.

"It’s really exciting for me and the staff to learn about bringing up baby chameleons.


"It’s a new challenge but an exciting one at the same time.

The little youngsters eat tiny insects

"Adult chameleons eat big grasshoppers and insects and the babies also need to eat live insects but they need ones that are smaller than a pin head.”

Scott has previously brought dad Pascal on to CBBC’s Blue Peter, where he makes regular appearances to talk about animals.

You lookin' at me?

They are the latest babies to be born at the zoo.

Just over two months ago, a pair of meerkats were born to mother Keisha.

But Scott has revealed the zoo has just welcomed the birth of another two meerkats.

He said: "The meerkat babies we had before and now helping mum and dad with these new arrivals.”

Work has now almost finished on the zoo’s penguin beach attraction which will be opening in the coming weeks.

Last month, the zoo rescued eight black widow spiders found in a shipping container in Telford.

All of the spiders have been housed individually in the zoo’s venom section.

The exotic zoo at Lakeside Plant Centre is open daily from 11am to 4pm.

Date: 16 May 2018 | Source: Shropshire Star

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