Newspaper headlines: Prosecution call over Gosport hospital deaths

A call for action by the families of hundreds of hospital death victims dominates the headlines.

Guardian front page - 21/06/18
The report into the deaths of hundreds of patients at Gosport War Memorial Hospital after they were given dangerous doses of painkillers for no medical reason leads several papers. The Guardian says their families have pledged to continue their fight for criminal prosecutions.
Daily Mirror front page - 21/06/18
The Daily Mirror's headline on Gosport refers to the 456 confirmed deaths between 1989 and 2000 - and a further 200 patients who experts concluded may have suffered a similar fate. Health chiefs repeatedly ignored warnings, says the paper.
Daily Telegraph front page - 21/06/18
A photograph of the doctor who oversaw the prescribing on the affected wards at Gosport War Memorial Hospital appears on the front page of the Daily Telegraph. The victims's families are asking why Dr Jane Barton, 70, has not faced justice, its headline says.
Daily Mail front page - 21/06/18
The Daily Mail says Dr Barton is thought to be hiding in Spain. The Mail's report also focuses on the demand for action by the grieving families and carries the headline: "Now put her in the dock".
i front page - 21/06/18
The i says the revelations in the Gosport report were "shocking". The patients were "condemned to die by their own hospital", adds the paper.
Times front page - 21/06/18
The Times says campaigners are warning the scandal at Gosport could happen again. Its lead story focuses on Donald Trump's visit to Europe next month and a prospective meeting between the US president and Vladimir Putin. The possible talks are causing alarm in Whitehall, it reports.
Metro front page - 21/06/18
Metro leads on the passing of the government's Brexit bill in Parliament. The prime minister survived yet another crunch vote and once again defied predictions of defeat, says the paper.
Financial Times front page- 21/06/18
The Financial Times says the Ministry of Defence's modernisation has been thrown into disarray. It reports the prime minister has suggested cyber-warfare capability needs to be boosted - although No. 10 dismisses claims she wanted to reduce the UK's role as a top military power.
Daily Star front page - 21/06/18
The Daily Star leads on Lord Sugar, who had come under fire after comparing Senegal's World Cup players to men selling trinkets on a Spanish beach. It says the Apprentice host has apologised for the now-deleted tweet, saying he had "in no way intended to cause offence".

Many of the front pages carry photographs showing the smiling faces of some of those who died at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.

"Condemned to die by their hospital" is the headline in the i while the Daily Mirror calls Gosport a "hospital of horrors".

Relatives of Gosport War Memorial Hospital victims speak to the media after the report was issued

The Sun says families have condemned the scandal as "horrific, calculated and shameful" and have "demanded criminal charges against medical staff who allowed their loved ones to be give lethal doses of painkillers".

Some relatives speak of their own feelings of regret that they did not intervene. Pamela Byrne, whose stepfather Clifford Houghton died at the hospital, tells the local newspaper Portsmouth's The News "there is a little bit of guilt there, because you feel, why wasn't I able to do anything?"

In its editorial, the Times says the case has prompted serious questions about how widespread such practices may be.

"When hundreds of patients are given fatal heroin overdoses in an NHS hospital and it takes decades to get to the truth, the entire system is in the dock," it says.

The Daily Mail offers a similar warning.

It says the Gosport cases - coming after the scandal of unnecessary deaths at Mid Staffordshire hospital - suggest an "institutional contempt for the elderly".

It is a time for "deep soul-searching" within the NHS, it adds, "over its attitude to whistleblowers and the value of old people's lives".

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White flags

The columnists reflect on the promised rebellion that failed to materialise when MPs voted on whether they should have a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal.

In the Spectator, Isabel Hardman says the events seemed all too familiar - "one of the laws of Brexit is that every Commons division and Cabinet meeting billed as being a 'crunch vote' ends up postponing the crunching again, and again and again".

PoliticsHome says the decision of the Tory MP Dominic Grieve not to vote for his own amendment caused consternation among Labour and Lib Dem Remainers.

One Labour source tells the website Mr Grieve "raised more white flags than a regatta".

"Grieve budges as May fudges" is how the Sun sums up the day's events at Westminster.

In the Guardian, John Crace describes Mr Grieve as "the rebel who forgot to rebel," concluding that "indecision and duplicity... won the day again".

The Times says it has learnt that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are preparing to meet during the US president's visit to Europe next month.

Mr Putin and Donald Trump held talks during the G20 summit in Hamburg in July 2017

Senior British government sources have told the paper the meeting could take place before Mr Trump attends a Nato summit and visits London.

The prospect is fuelling fears in Whitehall, they say, about Mr Trump's commitment to the military alliance.

Morning people

Several papers report that the chief inspector of schools is to back calls for mobile phones to be banned in schools.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Amanda Spielman will tell audiences at an education festival tomorrow that she has "yet to be convinced of the educational benefits of all day access to Snapchat and the like".

The Daily Express says she will also signal her support for a return to some "old-school punishments".

She will say it is "entirely appropriate" to use sanctions such as writing out lines, playground litter-picking and detention to tackle bad behaviour.

Finally, the Times says new research suggests Britain is a nation of morning people.

A four-year analysis of around 800m posts on Twitter suggests most Brits wake up "full of drive, positivity and vim."

Sixteen hours later, it reports, our thoughts often turn to "anger, swearing and existential dread".

The paper suggests workplaces across the nation could learn from the study by allowing staff to take power naps, adding if they want "alert and smiling staff, they should issue pillows to all employees".

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Date: 20 June 2018 | Source: BBC

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