Care home plans for Telford manor

A couple have revealed plans to convert a manor into a care accommodation.

Mr and Mrs Harrison currently live in Oakengates. They hope to convert part of the 11-bedroom Maesbury Manor into an annex offering care facilities.

The property is a family home that is in on the market.

A planning statement said: "The applicants intend to move from their home in Telford, and to occupy the application premises as their private residence.

"The three adults placed with them will continue to reside with them, as would their elderly parent, as a single household. However, both daughters will also have accommodation at university and near their work.”

The couple have been carers for Shared Lives for 10 years.

Mr Harrison was a foster parent in Telford 30 years ago, while Mrs Harrison is an assistant practitioner in the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The planning statement added that it will be run as a business regulated by the Care Quality Commission with a registered manager appointed.

As well as the applicants there would also be two staff working 8am to 8pm, with two more working through the night.


Visitors will be encourages but only in small numbers.

The statement continued: "[Part] of the existing dwelling will be given over to the care of persons who are medically fit for discharge from hospital, but need intermediate rehabilitation care, or whose families need respite care for their loved one who normally relies on them for support. They may stay for a period of weeks (16 weeks would be the average stay anticipated). Such people might include, for example, those recovering from trauma, stroke, brain injury, early onset dementia (but not elderly mentally ill – EMI) and Parkinson’s disease. The care offered would be bespoke care.

"Those persons that will continue to live in the private accommodation with the applicants are always placed with them via the Shared Lives scheme.

"Those persons in need of short term stays for bespoke care will be referred to them by private individuals, hospital resettlement teams and social services.”

A decision from Shropshire Council is expected by the start of December.

Date: 18 October 2018 | Source: Shropshire Star

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