TTS thrives from no-deal Brexit stockpiling

A Telford firm says business has been booming as a result of companies wanting to stockpile goods in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.

Telford-based Telford Transport Solutions (TTS), which offers distribution, warehousing, logistics and courier services, has been swamped with clients wanting to rent warehouse space since October.

Sand, paper and medical supplies – these are just some of the items businesses have been using TTS to stockpile.

Co-founder Jason Woolley said: "The phone calls initially started ringing in October and it has been constant. In one of our warehouses we have got 200 pallets of sand because our customer is stockpiling for Brexit.

"I have secured business from a company in Dudley because they are stockpiling supplies. Another one of our customers has trebled her stockhold. We have got everything from medical supplies, packaging and containers of latex gloves. Next door to our warehouse in Hortonwood is another 30,000 square feet of open warehousing. We have got one client throwing containers of A4 paper at us likes it’s going out of fashion.

"It has been a challenge to keep up with demand but we have got a great team here.”

TTS, which celebrates its 10th anniversary in November, was formed by Jason and Daniel Hollran, and has significantly grown over the years.

It has its headquarters at Stafford Park as well as two warehouses at Hortonwood.

Mr Woolley said: "When we first started there were three of us and we now employ 31 people.

"We moved here five years ago. We had a small warehouse but we outgrew it. We are just boarding into our third warehouse at Hortonwood.”

TTS has recently launched a new brand and marketing strategy which has already helped it gain new business. It has included the launch of a new website, promotional literature as well as a targeted social media and e-commerce campaign. Looking ahead, Mr Woolley said he wants to open a new site in the east of the country, but remained tight-lipped about its exact location.

Date: 16 April 2019 | Source: Shropshire Star

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