Four arrested as police target Telford drivers

Police seized vehicles and made a series of arrests as they targeted motorists in Telford yesterday.

Four drivers that officers say tested positive for drug driving were arrested. The force said it was a day 'targeting travelling criminality'.

Officers from the Local Police Priority Team North (LPPT) also seized two vehicles they said were being illegally driven and reported the drivers for not being insured.

A moped described as 'unroadworthy' was also seized.

LPPT North tweeted: "A good day for the team who spent the day in Telford targeting travelling criminality.

"Four drug drivers arrested and now facing lengthy bans, two vehicles seized and drivers reported for no insurance and an unroadworthy moped taken off the street.

"Tomorrow we are knocking doors."

Date: 21 January 2020 | Source: Shropshire Star