Newspaper headlines: 'May's transition gambit draws fire'

Many papers comment on MPs' reactions to the PM's proposal to extend the Brexit transition period.

Theresa May has found herself isolated from Tory MPs and her cabinet after she confirmed she was prepared to consider extending the transition period for the UK leaving the EU, the Daily Telegraph reports. Some ministers told the paper they had not formally agreed the plan. It comes after the prime minister was left out in the cold by EU leaders.
The Financial Times also covers "May's transition gambit", saying the move helped to create a conciliatory mood at a two-day summit in Brussels, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for more flexibility on both sides. DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds said an extended transition period means the UK "continues to 'pay but have no say' in Brussels".
The Guardian reports EU leaders are preparing to back Mrs May in building a "coalition of the reasonable" in Parliament to avoid a no-deal Brexit. The paper says Mrs May's transition extension has been described as a "call for help" by some diplomats. The paper says a potential agreement was derailed on Sunday when Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said the prime minister could not get an agreement past her cabinet or the Democratic Unionist Party.
The Times says Mrs May's offer to extend the transition period after Brexit has enraged "both Remain and Leave Tory MPs". It also reports that former Brexit Secretary David Davis called on ministers to call for a "change of course" during the negotiations. "He is definitely on manoeuvres," said one recipient of a call.
The i says a no-deal Brexit looms after Mrs May's performance at the EU summit in Brussels. On its front page it adds Brexiteers are "furious at suggestion of longer transition period".
Saudi Arabia has spent money lavishing freebies on 38 MPs for the past five years as part of a charm offensive to brush up its tarnished reputation, the Daily Mail reports. The paper's investigation comes after the suspected murder of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the state, in the Turkish capital Istanbul.
A World War Two veteran has been denied a diabetes monitor used by the prime minister because of an "NHS postcode lottery", the Daily Express reports. The paper says 94-year-old Stuart Worthington, who fought at the Battle of Monte Casino in 1944, said he felt he was "not worth £80 a month" to the state, which is what the monitor costs.
The Daily Mirror leads with news that a council worker was killed in Battersea, south west London, after allegedly telling drug dealers to stop selling outside his flat. Ian Tomlin, 46, was discovered in the stairwell of his flat complex.
The Metro also reports the killing of father-of-two and former boxer Mr Tomlin. His dad, Cecil, witnessed his sons murder and said: "He tried to tell them but he didn't get through and they killed him."
The Sun claims "the curse of Strictly" has struck again again, alleging that professional dancer Dianne Buswell has broken up with her boyfriend Anthony Quinlan since the start of the current series.
The Daily Star bemoans the alleged political correctness furore over Kleenex making its "mansize" tissues gender neutral. Reporter James Caven appears incensed that the tissues will now be known as "extra large".

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Source: BBC | Date: 18 October 2018

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Newspaper headlines: 'May's transition gambit draws fire'

Many papers comment on MPs' reactions to the PM's proposal to extend the Brexit transition period

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